Three things set us apart from others in our line of work. With every project, we strive to leave you with something you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life. These qualities help us deliver on that promise.

1. You work with the same person from beginning to end with your project. There’s no getting passed back and forth between sales personnel and project directors every time you need to talk to someone. It’s the same person as your first, middle and last point of contact. This ensures you have someone working on your project that knows exactly what your vision is for your home and space, and is aware of every thought and concern you have from day one. Nothing gets lost in translation, because there’s no translation needed.

2. Donnie Kirk, owner and founder of Kirk’s Remodeling, takes pride in the work being done in your home. He is known for his patience and honesty in dealing with customers. He will be there every day to inspect the job site and the work being done, and in most cases, he’ll being doing the work himself. This ensures the kind of quality that can only come from the years of hard work and experience that Donnie has to offer to you.

3. We never cut corners. Our one and only goal is to provide you with the beautiful home and high quality work that you’ve already dreamed of having. When the work is finished, we want you to be as proud of the result as we are. In order to ensure this, we only use materials and practices that have been proven time and again to give you the results that you deserve in your home. We listen to our customers to determine exactly what you want and need.